Hello and welcome to PLAYER ZER0 STUDIOS!

Destiny, the Kitsune Goddess of Creation is waving to you! Say hello!

My name is Zachary Davidson, and I am the founder of PLAYER ZER0 STUDIOS!

Oh? You're curious about what we do?

PLAYER ZERO STUDIOS is a game developing company that is currently run by a singular person named Zachary Davidson.

What games have we developed?

Well, nothing yet but the current plan is to develop one game and allow people, including us, to create mods to add worlds. Worlds are individual games set on a specific world.

We also plan on creating some mods of our own, like I mentioned above, that are apart of what would've been the animations in The LoveGlace Saga that I determined was best to turn into multiple games.

Another thing we plan on having is an easy-to-use mod creator where you just need 3D Models, know vaguely what you want to do, and have voice actors (optional) to create the mod and release it to everyone to use. And yes, you could even sell your own mods as long as you own the rights to the contents of the mods. If you don't, get permissions before selling it or giving it away for free. If you don't and we catch you doing this. Then you'll get a timeout from the forums (or something. I haven't determined what it'll be yet.)

We plan on doing is dedicating part of this website to the community uploading, sharing, and selling mods when the game is available.

One last thing we plan on doing is providing tools for everyone to use (like the mod creator) for usages like fixing up frames in videos, accurate subtitle generators for videos, and a discord bot for all to use for cheap!

Why for cheap? Because I know what it's like not being able to afford stuff that you really want. And I want to make stuff that's good but is cheap and can run on most semi-modern & modern computers!

That's all you need to know at the moment.

I encourage you to come back to this website every once in a while to check for updates on the website OR you can join the PLAYER ZER0 STUDIOS Discord server to stay up to date on all of the information that you need to know!

Now go and explore the website! Uncover all of the secrets!